Monday, January 3, 2011

Coffe table decorating

As I am putting away all of the Christmas decor I am inspired to try some new things. The coffee table is always an easy place to start. Thought I would share a video I discovered at Pottery Barn. Great and simple ideas to change things up a bit. A cheap alternate to the trays used are wooden Pepsi boxes or wooden totes/toolboxes found at local thrift stores. Enjoy!


  1. Brandy, how do you keep Marshall or little ones away from things on the coffee table? I keep telling Carson no, but I don't think he would stay away from it.

  2. I put very, very heavy things on the tray, like concrete candlesticks he can't move or heavy big books. You can also stack the heavy books so he can't reach the stuff on the top. I do steer clear of breakables, but fake lemons or limes in a bowl work great; he can't hurt them or himself if he gets to them. Some of the stuff does end up around the house,I tidy up when he naps.:)I have learned with the other kiddos that they eventually learn mommies toys aren't nearly as fun as theres;).