Friday, February 4, 2011


It appears my little men have shared their cooties with mommy. I have been snuggled up with my blanky next to the fireplace today. A good excuse to catch up on decorating magazines and relax.

I love the atmosphere a fire gives a room, don't tell my hubby but I have been known to have a fire brewing when it's quite warm outside, it just makes me feel better :)

Have a great weekend. Light a candle, get cozy by the fireplace, grab your favorite blanky and relax.


  1. I really want a house with a fireplace. My hubby had to cut the wood and bring it in the house growing up and tells me it's too much work. I keep trying to tell him that's why we had kids. He's not budging :( Enjoy a fire for me! I know this is a LATE comment but I'm catching up on your old posts.

  2. Where did the louvered cabinet doors come from - the ones that are under the TV in the above picture? I LOVE those!